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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caveat Application to the God...

Caveat Application number.:Probably “First.”/Good for all times.

Ms. Ketaki Joshi,
Age: 23 years,
Occupation: Minding her own business,
Resident of Pune, India, Plant Earth.

                                                   … Caveator.

1)   Ms. Jealousy,
Age: Eternal,
Occupation: Spreading insecurity.
Residing at: omnipresent

2)   Mr. Ego,
Age: Eternal,
Occupation: Making humans arrogant
Residing at.: omnipresent.

3)   Mr. Anger,
Age: Eternal,
Occupation: Hampering happiness,
Residing at: omnipresent.

4)   Mr. Greed,
Age: Eternal,
Occupation,: Tempting people to cross their limits,
Residing at: omnipresent

                                            … Caveatees.

The Caveator abovenamed submits this Caveat Application, praying to state as follows:

1. That the Caveator had successfully obtained a legal degree in the recent past and as her formal education had come to an end, she was on the verge of entering an entirely new world where surviving was a task.

2. That the Caveator was willing and determined to work hard and hence had started making plans accordingly.

3. That not only had the caveator made plans but had also implemented the same in life with immediate effect but unfortunately the caveatees made several attempts to encroach upon the plans of the caveator bringing instability at a lot of occasions resulting in waste of precious time, energy and enthusiasm with which she had started off.

4. That the Caveator had time and again raised objections to the said illegal encroachment on the part of the caveatees, but the caveatees had paid no heed to the same.

5. That the caveator apprehends that the caveatees may file a suit for injunction or such other remedy in your Hon’ble Court which might be in the nature of stay on the work and efforts of the caveator, and hence this application.

6. That this caveat application is chargeable with a fixed amount of obligations and other essential prayers, which the caveator shall act in accordance with.

7. That the caveator believes that, “ whatever God does is for good” and Ur God, you being the sole caretaker of the world, this Hon’ble Court has the jurisdiction to try and decide the matter.

8. The caveator therefore prays that,

• In case the caveatees file a suit against the caveator seeking any remedy, necessary notice (warning) in respect of the approaching problems may kindly be served on the caveator well within time.

• An opportunity of being heard be granted to the caveator in every possible event so that the caveator can clarify as to why the caveatees are not entitled to encroach upon the determination and efforts.

• Surviving the task is a dream of the caveator so that she shall strive for, but any other orders in the interest of justice may kindly be passed. ;)

9. That a copy of this caveat has already been sent to the caveatees through the mind and brain media well within time.

Place: Earth.
Date: Good for all times.

Sd/- xxx.

Sd/- xxx.
Legal Saint for the caveator Registered & Protected

Friday, January 22, 2010

Who EXACTLY am I..???

Written by: ketaki Joshi.
This is one question, that haunts a lot of working brains.., especially those who feel they are here.., on this planet,, with a reason. Well.., I may not have a constantly working brain guys.., but it certainly haunts me too., and hence the discussion.

Bifurcating concepts into “Macro” and “Micro” is something I had learnt while studying Economics. I am so obsessed with the concept that I like using it for Non-Economic matters as well.

Thinking of “Who EXACTLY am I” the Macro way…, I realized that I am only 0.00001 % of this entire world and so probably there are some generic categories that come handy in knowing who I am and where I stand in the world. Eventually we shall shift to the Micro way of looking at it.

Territorially speaking…,
I was born in Chandigarh, brought up in Gujarat, and I am presently residing in Maharashtra. So who am I?? A Punjabi, a Gujarati or a Maharashtrian..? Or am I a combination of the three? I really cannot narrow it down, and to add to my confusion I see my neighboring countries calling me an Indian, and the western world referring to me as “from the Eastern Countries”. Just imagine, if ever we bump into aliens, I will have yet another identity coming straight from the other planet. I am fine with any of these territorial identities, but what continues haunting me is, who exactly am I??

Religion wise…
I happen to be a Hindu, a Maharashtrian, a Brahmin. However, there are millions who are sailing in the same boat., so what is that one thing that makes me what I am., different from the rest of the world??

Zodiacally if you look at me,
I am a Scorpion, that’s if you are talking about my moon sign, but the sun sign insists on me being a Capricorn, two signs which have nothing much in common. Well, I enjoy being both. ;P Its good to see even the stars fighting over my identity.

Occupationally speaking..,
I am an Advocate. However, I truly feel, I cannot be merely this. All of this is way too superficial.

Personally if you ask me..,
For some I am like a daughter,
For some I a sister,
For a few I am family,
For most I am a friend.
For a handful I am brilliant, and for the rest I might be an idiot.

Every person around, seems to have his own way of tagging me and ironically others seem to be clearer about who exactly I am and what I am to them.

I may play various roles in this life and I am comfortable being tagged the way you feel is right, but if I end up introducing myself as an Indian to a foreigner, as a daughter of someone to a group of people, or as an advocate to a bunch of professionals, I will only be revealing 0.00001 % of myself. Now though we are not talking about the world, instead focusing on my individual traits, but we still are talking at the Macro level, aren’t we??

The society is habitual to thinking, talking and working at the Macro level. Let us jump into the next level, in other words the Micro level and enjoy exploring our inner world. For every person this journey is going to be different and beautiful. Hence, I refrain from instructing any further.

I started this article with an idea that “eventually we shall shift to the Micro way of looking at it”, so what are we waiting for? Let us do it and know who we are.
Please Note: These thoughts are expressed by Ketaki Joshi, a resident of India, who loves blogging. Have a good day.! Registered & Protected

Always stay focused.. :)