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  • The reason why this blog exists?

As long as my thoughts and imaginations are within limits, I allow them to be within me. The minute there is a fear of it over flowing, I pick the most appropriate outlet to allow it to flow through the most suitable channel. Blogging being one of them.

In a nutshell, I have made a fixed deposit of all my basic lessons, experiences, observations. I never touch these savings as they belong to the past. However, I do enjoy the benefits. The interest that I earn on such savings is what I re-invest into the blog. :)

  • About the blog:

As the title suggests, my blog is dealing with only a fraction of the whole. I leave important, critical, technical issues for the experts.
Bifurcating concepts into “Macro” and “Micro” is something I had learnt while studying Economics, and I am so obsessed with the concept that I have used the same logic for this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts.

  • Translation:

Language should not be a barrier, Primarily, I am a thinker. It is important that the thoughts and the contents get conveyed. Hence if you are comfortable reading the posts in your own language, please go ahead. There is a translator made available on the home page, for the same.

  • Now my blog talks:

  • For those who don't like reading, this is what you can do.!
    I won't expect you to go through my long posts.
    I understand, how boring it can be.
    Hence I have added a feature to my blog recently.
    Now, you can sit back, relax and listen to my blog.. :)
    There is a listen button exactly below every post title, which will allow you to listen, forward, rewind the audios as per your convenience.

    So now I don't need to talk, I can write,
    & You don't need to read, you can listen. :)
    This facility is available only for the posts.

    • Thank you:

    I am glad and grateful to you for visiting my site.! I hope it brings a smile on your face just the way you've made me smile.!Your contribution of any sort to the blog would be great. Registered & Protected

    1 comment:

    1. HI, Ket
      Whole of your thought process had always amazed me and have helped me in various ways.
      I am one of your reader and follower from the beginning and always love reading your post.
      By the way, I would like to tell you that because I love your blog and found it very inspiring You are one of my few Sunshine Awardees.

      I have learn a lot from your Blogs. keep writing and enjoy blogging.
      You may visit my site and see that I have put a link of your site so my readers could also explore your posts.


    Always stay focused.. :)